WX4NHC Online Hurricane Weather Report Submission

Timestamp: 2018-09-14 08:03:16 -0500
Event: Florence
Received Via: General Public
Reporting Weather Volunteer Observer: Keith Hosman
Email: kc8tcq@gmail.com

Observed (mo/day/year): SEP/14/2018

Observation time: UTC; 7:01 AM Eastern
Reported By: Simon Brewer
Contact number:
Geographic Location of Observation:

Seagate, North Carolina United States
Latitude: ; Longitude:

Wind Measurements: Measured
Sustained Wind Speed: MPH
Gust Speed: MPH
Wind Direction: N degrees

Barometric Pressure: 958.8 MILLIBARS

Measured Rainfall: INCHES

Comments: Measured min pressure in edge of eye near Seagate NC at 7:01 am https://twitter.com/SimonStormRider/status/1040570452870082560/photo/1