WX4NHC Online Hurricane Weather Report Submission

Timestamp: 2021-08-29 15:31:54 -0500
Event: Ida
Received Via: VOIP NET
Reporting Weather Volunteer Observer: Rob-KD1CY
Email: rmacedo@rcn.com

Observed (mo/day/year): AUG/29/2021

Observation time: 1931 UTC; 331 PM Eastern
Reported By:
Contact number:
Geographic Location of Observation:

Latitude: ; Longitude:

Wind Measurements: Measured
Sustained Wind Speed: MPH
Gust Speed: MPH
Wind Direction: N degrees

Barometric Pressure: MILLIBARS

Measured Rainfall: INCHES

Comments: https://twitter.com/HurricaneIda411/status/1432062304745558026?s=20 From the tweet: Massive roof launched with wind gust and hit this power pole in front of Dominator Fore and I canít even put into words how much worse this is going to get in Houma with inner eye wall of Hurricane Ida approaching rapidly @RadarOmega @accuweather